Office and shopping center on the Spassky St., 26/14, Kyiv

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Office and shopping center with underground parking on the Spassky street, 26/14 in the Podolsky district of Kiev.

Site of office and shopping center with underground parking located in the block bounded by st. Spassky, Pochayninskaya, Naberezhnye Khreschatytska and G. Skovorody. Territory near the crossroads of the Spassky and Pochayninskaya Streets is one of the oldest inhabited places in Kiev. This area was a north-western border of the ancient Podil trade-craft position pre-Mongol era.

Office and shopping center with underground parking on the Spassky street, 26/14 projected into the existing historic environment, where close to many historical and architectural monuments requires a tactful approach to the design and use of the developed area.

Given the importance of urban location, size of the object and the surrounding buildings, project provided the construction of a 9-storey building within the existing building with the underground parking.

In the underground part of the building housed an underground parking for 35 cars with technical facilities.

All rooms above ground parts of the building - a public purpose. The first floor will house shops such as boutiques. Starting from the 2 nd floor project provided the location of an open-plan office space with the premises of a technical profile for the operation of retail and office center on the "B" class.

Kyiv, Spassky St., 26/14
Project, Working documentation
New construction
site area: 
2 115 m2
object area: 
13 170 m2
9 fl.
In the process of realization