Administrative buildings of "Prominvestbank" on Sofievskaja St., 5-7A

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Project to build an office building on Sofievskaja street, 5, and the reconstruction of the superstructure and an extension to non-residential houses on the Sophia street, 7 "A" in the Shevchenko district of Kyiv

Objects of design is in the neighborhood, adjacent to the main square of Kiev - Independence Square and is located in the district bounded by Independence Square, outside st Sophia's, Michael's alleys and Taras Shevchenko

Building on Sofievskaja St., 5

Given the importance of urban location, size of the object and the surrounding buildings, the project envisages the construction of a 5-floors office building with a restaurant

All accommodation buildings are designed social purpose

At the 1 st floor is the hall of the restaurant for 60 seats, kitchen and technological premises of the restaurant. At the 2 nd floor - hall of the restaurant to 167 seats. At the 3-5x floors are designed office space

Land area: 0,07 ha
Building area: 533,5 m2
Number of floors: 3 Attic
Total area: 2 840 m2

Building on Sofievskaja St. 7a

At the station there are two 2-storey brick houses. Given the poor state structures, one of the houses, according to the decisions of the project will be dismantled. The second building facade should remain only a brick wall, which is recognized as an architectural landmark.

Halls of buildings to be reconstructed, should public appointment

At the 1 st floor of the hall is a cafe with 60 seats. At the 2 nd and attic floors are designed office space



Land area: 0,12 ha
Building area: 1 009 m2
Number of floors: 2-3 Attic
Total area: 2 963 m2
Kyiv, Sofievskaja St., 5-7A
2006 - 2008
Pre-design, Project, Working documentation
New construction, Reconstruction with expansion
site area: 
1 861 m2
object area: 
5 803 m2
4 fl.
Closed Joint Stock Company «Prominvestbank»