Office building on the 98 Krasnoarmeyskaya St.

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The facility is located in the central historical part of Kiev city on the 98 Krasnoarmeyskaya St., on the block limited by streets Krasnoarmeyskaya (Velika Vasylkivska), Gorky, Laboratornaya and Gorky lane, opposite the Church of St. Nicholas (The House of Organ and Chamber Music).

At the beginning of the design on the site was located three-story building, built in 1910. Front walls of the building is an architectural monument of local importance. By the project was proposed reconstruction of the building with preservation of the main facades by the Krasnoarmeiskaya St. and Gorky lane, with the expansion of the building in the yard, and superstructure up to 13 floors, and the construction of underground parking.

The building consists of the 13 above-ground and 2 underground levels. The parking for 36 cars is located in the underground levels. The bank and the vestibule of the office, located on the first floor . Office space located on floors overlying.

Constructive part of the project made by «ECC «Nedvijimost» Ltd.

Kyiv, 98 Krasnoarmeyskaya St.
Project, Working documentation
Reconstruction, New construction
site area: 
872 m2
object area: 
11596 m2
In the process of realization